For the participant without or with low previous knowledge. These courses are for the A1 Level

European reference framework for the German language.

Course book and exercise book: Pluspunkt A1 Österreich

Course content

  • Understanding of simple listening comprehensions and texts.
  • Introduction of herself/himself, getting in contact with people and participation in simple discussions.
  • Attaining basic vocabulary and essential grammar, in order to enable communication in everyday situations with simple expressions verbally and in written form.
  • Introduction, Job description, Numbers up to 20.

Countries, Continents, nationalities, languages, in the teaching room, numbers begin from 20, Kindergarten

  • Can talk about his/her home country.
  • Can talk and get information about care facilities, apartments, furnisher, colours, family houses.
  • Can give his opinion if he/she likes or dislike something.
  • Can take commercial information for example: prices or trademarks.
  • Can ask basic questions about the product.
  • Understand main abbreviation of apartment ads.

Designation of the relatives, attractions, family long time ago

  • Can arrange activities with other people.
  • Can describe his/her family.
  • Can talk about his free time.

Free time activities, daytime, hours, weekdays

  • Can express suggestions from other people
  • Can provide information
  • Can express how he / she is entitled to a proposal of an interlocutor.
  • Can also give a simple question about the place and time information on the phone.
  • Can ascertain the essential information on the TV.
  • Can say what he / she does on a normal day.

Food, packaging, shopping situations

  • Can express affections.
  • Can be well understood figures, for example, repeat rates, specify quantities.

Professions, workday, banking

  • Can fill out a form.
  • Can ask for assistance.
  • Can fill important forms for payments.
  • Can simply and clearly provide important information z. B. that he / she want to carry on a particular job.
  • Can enter the data required for the operation of machines.
  • Can read simple information from a bank statement.

Doctor signs, body parts

  • Can provide information to the person during the registration at the doctor.
  • Can tell how you are doing, and describe what he / her hurts.
  • Can talk the to doctor and understand relevant information.
  • Can write a short apology letter about his disease.
  • Can report sickness with simple words.
  • Can check addresses and opening times of doctors.
  • Can make an emergency phone call and tell the most important information.

Public Transportation

  • Can read important signs information.
  • Can read timetables for him / her to extract relevant information.

Earlier, Vacations

  • Can talk about himself and his situation in the country of origin.
  • Can write a short simple postcard with holiday greetings.
  • Can understand a postcard Holiday Greetings.

Fill out a form, personal information

  • Can tell in simple words that he / she do not know how to say something in German.
  • Can inquire if he / she did not understand something.
  • Can ask someone for help to fill up a form.
  • Can specifically request details from the information desk.
  • Can check counselling services, such as the opening times and addresses.

Clothes and shops

  • Can tell how he/she finds something for everyday
  • Can check information on products (price, department).
  • Can ascertain the essential information in the product information.
  • Can make an order in the internet and fill out order forms.

The months, the weather

  • Can check the time.
  • Can reserve a place.
  • Can ask about the directions and understand the majority of directions.
  • Can describe a way.
  • Can understand relevant abbreviations in timetables.

Small talk

  • Can send a postcard / e-mail to invite to a party.
  • Can be grateful for an invitation and accept or cancel friendly.
  • Can ask about care facilities.
  • Can understand the essential information of an announcement of a house dweller on the bulletin board (Invitation to the street festival).
  • Can write simple and short messages for roommates.


Zakatul-Fitr : 3.000

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