For participants with basic knowledge. These courses lead up to Level A2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Course content

  • Communication in familiar situations everyday
  • Relate understanding of basic statements of reading and listening texts, the areas and needs of everyday life or familiar topics
  • Simple texts about familiar topics and personal interests.

Their own history, language learners

  • Can speak easily and briefly about his / her reasons for migrating.
  • Can simplify and shorten his / her experience report.
  • Can express individual language, learning needs and objectives.
  • Can speak about the importance of learning the target language for their own future.

Media, Internet, television and radio, Email

  • Can read newspapers and magazines, understand thematic priorities and categories.
  • Can take the most important information in short reports newspapers or on the Internet.
  • Can extract relevant informations from TV and radio commercials.
  • Can understand common commands in German versions of Office programs.

Weekend plans, arrange appointment SMS, in the restaurant

  • Can make a reservation by phone call.
  • Can choose and order food in a restaurant.

School subjects, school grades, school system, school

  • Can give essential information for nursing and education system in the country in simple words.
  • Can understand essential information from a letter sent by the school.
  • Can understand essential information from a PTA meeting.

Office, workplace

  • Can understand simple written information.
  • Can phone in sick with simple words.
  • Can leave a short note with important information colleagues.
  • Can understand simple oral instructions.
  • Can make an appointment proposal and respond to a proposed date.

Housing, DIY, hardware store

  • Can check in daily newspapers, weekly papers or the Internet via the housing market.
  • Can refer to him / her relevant information about apartment listings.
  • Can arrange a viewing by phone with simple words.

Celebrations, holidays, gifts, wedding

  • Can make an invitation to a party.
  • Can be grateful for an invitation with friends or colleagues and predict or cancel friendly and with indication of a reason.
  • Can give a compliment in simple words and give thanks to someone
  • Can congratulate and express good wishes in simple words.

Training courses (finance), registration by telephone

  • Can understand the key information about training contents.
  • Can take the most important information from simple advertisement training services.
  • Can say what he / she may have done so far and would like to make in the future.
  • Can write a simple, clear note and offer a service.

Diet, doctor, health insurance, pharmacy.

  • Can extract relevant information on health counsellors.
  • Can talk to the doctor, give simple information about the health status and understand simple behaviours.
  • Can obtain information from the health insurance company.

Applications, characteristics of workers

  • Can write a CV using a template.
  • Can understand an interview, which contains simple information, and respond to it.
  • Can express himself/herself in an interview with simple terms his / her consent to certain working conditions or express their own ideas and ask questions.

Travel, booking, planning

  • Has the capacity to book a flight or train journey at the counter or by phone.
  • Can express that he / she has a reserved place.
  • Can make an emergency call by phone
  • Teaching concept Human Relief.

Social connections, country of origin, neighbourhood, clubs and organizations

  • Can more easily indicate his / her opinion of experienced or observed aspects of life in Austria.
  • Can describe in simple words his / her intercultural experiences

Bank, insurance, purchase and Complaints

  • Can check the banks and insurance companies.
  • Can check the banking services.
  • Can give relevant information at the counter when using banking services.


Zakatul-Fitr : 3.000

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