For participants with advanced knowledge. These courses lead up to Level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Course content

  • Increasing literacy and listening strategies, in order to understand a complex text on both concrete and abstract topics
  • Expansion of vocabulary in order to act clearly and adequately in writing as oral communication to a wide range of subjects.

Friends, friendships, age, love

  • Can write clear and detailed texts on a variety of topics.
  • Can express him/herself about companies, daily routines, activities in the workplace.
  • Can write from his / her area of interest clear, detailed descriptions on various topics.

Media, media use, personal e-mail, reading habits, media industry, film reviews on the radio, telephone announcement, news

  • Can produce clear, detailed descriptions related to real or fictitious events and experiences to make the connection between different ideas clearly.
  • Can write a review of a film, book or play.

After school, graduates, work and travel, abroad, Job Fair

  • Can explain different ideas or solutions for measuring out.

Experience cities, city tours, infrastructure, leisure facilities

  • Can express and highlight the personal significance of events and experiences, and is able to comment messages or views of correspondents in letters in many ways.

Relationships, family constellations, relationships and life forms

  • Is able to produce a clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain his/her viewpoint on a issue explaining the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

Diet, Food, complaint letter, presentation

  • Can understand the main ideas of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics; including technical discussions in their field.

Study, study requirements, study, brochure, letter of motivation

  • Can understand a clearly structured lecture on a familiar topic and can write it the points down, which seem important, even if he / she thereby just focused on the words themselves and therefore missed some information.

Services, text summarization

  • Can understand a wide range of non-fiction and fictional texts and summarize them.
  • Can excerpts from news, interviews, movies or documentaries and summarize them.

Health, doctor, first aid kit, medicines

  • Is able to give clear descriptions or reports on the most general topics and express his/her own viewpoints.

The teaching approach to learning levels C1 to C2 in the context of

  • European Framework and Profiles German


Zakatul-Fitr : 3.000

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