For participants with nearly perfect knowledge. This course leads to level C2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
Course and workbook: terminus

Course content

  • Increasing literacy and listening strategies, in order to understand complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics.
  • Expansion of vocabulary in order to act clearly and adequately in written and oral communication to a wide range of subjects.

Media and Economics Finance / Financing (Economics)

  • Can practically understand everything he / she reads or hears with ease. Can summarize informations from different sources, reconstructing arguments in a coherent presentation.
  • Is able to express himself/herself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely and use different expressions and synonyms.

Education and work, job descriptions

  • Can write clear and complex essays in an appropriate and effective way.
  • Is able to emphasize decisive points that represent points of view in detail and support arguments.
  • Can write clear and complex reports, articles, reviews or essays, which he/she is able to develop consistent arguments.

Nature and society, social phenomena

  • Can write clear, liquid and engrossing stories and descriptions of experiences, in a style that is reasonable for the chosen genre.
  • Can write clear and complex reports, articles, reviews or essays, which he/she is able to develop consistent arguments.

Development and socialization

  • Can write an essay or report, in which key points are systematically highlighted and appropriately discussed.
  • Can propose different ideas or solutions in many issues.
  • Can write an essay or report, specifying reasons for or against a particular point of view and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

Health and Sports, behaviour and manners

  • Can notice and comprehend what is only implicitly said.

Miscellaneous: reflection and summary

  • Mastered a very rich vocabulary including colloquial and idiomatic expressions.
  • Consistently correct and appropriate use of vocabulary.
  • Displays a solid grammar offhandedly.
  • The written texts are free of spelling errors.
  • Can create a well-structured and coherent text.

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Examination content and recognition

  • For detailed information regarding test content and recognition of ÖSD exams, go to  osd.at


  • A valid photo ID, registration form and e-card and payment of the examination fee have to be brought.
  • In case of repeating the test, a partial acknowledgment for registration or the examination certificate have to be brought.


Zakatul-Fitr : 3.000

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