Deductibility of donations

Deductibility of donations – Donate more.. Pay less!

Since January 2009, you can deduct your donations to Human Relief from tax! Human Relief was added to the donation list of beneficiaries of the ministry of Treasury (§ 4a Z 3 and 4 EStG). Reg.Nr : SO 1359

The criteria for deductibility: Make sure to keep your receipt! (For transfers or cash deposits the deposit slip, standing orders / credit card debits the relevant account statement.) The document serves as a proof for your donation activities / sponsorship. For cash donations you receive a donation confirmation. (It is prescribed by the Tax Office general seven-year retention period). Only the person can make the amount for tax purposes, which is mentioned by name in the document. So make sure that your name and address are listed.

Any amount of your donation is tax-deductible. The deductible donations height is more than 10% of your annual income in company 10% of the previous year’s profits. The sum of your donations and / or sponsorship of your contributions may be asserted therefore in the year at your annual compensation (workers predisposition).

Zakatul-Fitr : 3.000

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