Convinced that help is not a gift or a gift to favor people with it, but is rather a fundamental duty towards one’s fellow human beings, Human Relief began to implement numerous sustainable development projects that not only provide the necessary and necessary support for the needy, but also should provide the opportunity for self-sufficiency. They are trying to live a good life based on the ability to take advantage of the new opportunities created by temporary external aid. In this context, the organization took the first steps towards implementing projects in Somalia, where they built two wells in the two villages of Farhaana and Abd Ali. These are located near Qoryooley in the Shabeellaha region, which has been hit by drought and starvation, particularly in 2011. From these two wells thousands of inhabitants from the two said villages and also from the neighboring regions enrich themselves. Since then, the organization has followed the same path, so that thousands of other wells have been built in the regions of needy people of Togo, Malawi, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana and Uganda.