Without the generosity of so many people in Austria the important work of charities would not be possible. The Fund raising certificate gives the assurance that the donations actually arrive also. Awarded the DONATION SEAL OF APPROVAL.
Human Relief was awarded by the Austrian Fund with the Donation Seal of Approval.
The required examination by the Chamber of Auditors was positive.
The Fund raising certificate is a quality criterion for non-profit organizations.
It is an instrument of self-regulation of collecting donations by organizations.
The KWT (Chamber of Auditors) has developed together with the IÖGV (interest group of Austrian voluntary organizations), a system of standards for non-profit organizations in the country and fund management.
Nonprofit organizations have to provide transparency towards donors and the public.
The Austrian Fund raising certificate are standards for non-profit organizations in fundraising and Donate using before.
It is a system of strict and objectively conducted controls, whose results are accessible for non-participants. This tends to ensure the trustworthiness of Nonprofit organizations.
The objectives of the donation seal of approval are more safety for donors, more practiced transparency by charity organizations and a strengthening of confidence in charities.
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