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Due to the poor economic situation in Egypt, a lot of people suffer from social exclusion and poverty. Thus many families are unable to take care of their children. The increasing number of street children in Egypt is frightening; approximately there are one million children on the streets in the city centers. Most of them battle for their existence by begging; many of these children are victims of exploitation, abuse and violence. Through cooperation with local aid organizations Human Relief struggles efficiently to improve the lives of needy children by supporting them with sponsorships. Thus, an attempt is made to preserve these children from a slum on the road.
Since education is a basic need for every child and hope for a better future, Human Relief is anxious to provide pupils with school packets consisting of satchels, staples, pins and other school materials.
In the time of Ramadan, food packages are distributed in different areas. Furthermore meat in the Korban feast (Feast of Sacrifice) is also provided.
The violent conflict in Syria forces millions of people to flee. However, there are countless victims who are not able to escape. Many inhabitants are lacking of any provision with basic supplies.
Human Relief helps on the spot with winter relief, food supplies, clothing donations, medical supplies and medical equipment.
During the Adha-feast meat is distributed to people in need.
We support Syrians abroad, as in Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon. These countries received the most fugitives from Syria. In Turkey and Egypt Human Relief was supportive by providing school packages, as well as food packages, which were distributed to the refugees. In Lebanon we offered winter convoys, who contained clothes, food and medical provisions.
In 2012 the well known children’s author Christine Nöstlinger took over the patronage of the Austrian Syria-Relief and supported in this way needy people in Syria.
Syrian refugees in Austria are supported and advised by Human Relief in various areas. Refugees there are lacking of provisions with basic supplies, such as food, clothing and hygiene articles.
With fundraising we are anxious to make these goods available. Following this, the legitimate Syrian asylum seekers will be supported in finding a suitable apartment.
As an organization we want to strengthen the refugees in terms of autonomy and self-determination, as well as in training and integration to make a career entry easy. We inform them about their options and support them by helping them finding a apartment, as well as assisting them in filling out of forms.
Because of the war in Iraq and the resulting circumstances, such as the destruction of cities and the lack of basic services and medical care, our association was founded in 2003 under the name “Iraqi Fund”. However, we have worked in 2006 under the name “Iraqi Relief”, in 2011 our organization was known as Human Relief. Since 2003, we set ourselves to reduce the suffering of people in need by helping them as soon as possible. Due to a barely existing medical infrastructure in the country, where especially public hospitals are affected by the crisis, it is difficult to get medical equipment. Hence many diseases occur, and treating or preventing them is almost impossible. To counteract this, Human Relief provided assistance with medical equipment and medicines. We also took part in the “Project for the treatment of sick”, with the result that patients, especially children, who are temporarily brought to Austria, are treated appropriately and provided with adequate medication.
Children are often affected by the consequences of wars, this is also the case in Iraq. Many children live on the streets or are orphans. With sponsorships Human Relief struggles to make their lives easier. To motivate children with education and support, we have launched the “Satchel-Project”.
With the winter Relief-work, which includes food supply and donations of clothes to adults and children, we can reach people in need. Also in Ramadan and in the time of the sacrificial feast, needy people are provided with food-packages.
Human Relief stayed on site to help people in Africa. To date, the situation in various African countries has remained unstable, and families must continue to fight to feed and care for their children.


Human Relief finally provides people with clean drinking water! Life has fundamentally improved for everyone.

Millions of people could be affected by the lack of rain and political instability, making it difficult to provide aid.

The changing security situation poses a great challenge for the work of our organization.

Every year, more people die from diseases caused by dirty water and lack of sanitation than from all types of violence or even war. Clean water means health, means sufficient food and education, especially for women and children.

Human Relief has already built many water wells in Somalia, Togo, Uganda, Malawi, Burkina Faso and Ghana and thousands of villagers benefit from it. This is good news, because together we can build more water wells and enable success that remains visible to everyone!

An entire village is supplied from 1200 euros for a water well operated with a pump.

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