Who we are

Human Relief – Menschen Hilfswerk – is a humanitarian organization, who was founded in late 2003 in Vienna.
We have made it to our mission to help people in need and support them in their coming way of life as far as possible. Through our global activity, we try to reach out our helping hand to all those who need it.
Through our network, which was established in several countries such as Somalia, Togo, Uganda, Ghana, Egypt, Syria and Iraq, we support the respective local population, who live in disastrous conditions.
Because of the circumstances in the war countries, many people are forced to leave their homes. Therefore children, women and men are supplied with our assistance and supported by numerous donation-campaigns, which contain for example the distribution of clothes, food and monetary donations.
Especially we are concerned for children and orphans, who are mostly affected by those difficult circumstances. One of our principles is not to exclude people because of their nationality and ethnicity, gender or religion.
In the headquarters in Vienna we have professionally trained employees, who have years of experience in caring for asylum seekers and refugees. Additionally they know the native language of the client and offer advice and informations on various issues, as completing official documents. We also accompany them, if necessary, at various meetings in different matters concerning authorities. By initial consultation refugees and asylum seekers receive informations on rights, obligations, housing and perspective consulting etc.
Human Relief supports people in having a safe place to live. It must also be assumed that a return to one’s home country is quite unlikely, so that Austria becomes a long-term residence. Consequently, we are focused on integrating these people in our society quickly and successfully, which makes knowledge of German very important.

The humanitarian work of Human Relief adheres strictly to the code of conduct of humanitarian aid. Human Relief signed the “Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct) for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Disaster Relief ” and thus committed itself to live these values.
Human Relief currently has several projects abroad as in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Ghana, Somalia, Togo and Uganda. Through cooperation with partner organizations, we offer sustainable development projects, emergency, social – and aid projects and orphans sponsorships.

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